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Zhejiang Yuejin Nonferrous Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Founded in 2012, Zhejiang Yuejin Nonferrous Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yuejin Holding Group. The company has been actively involved in infrastructure since its inception. The company expects a total investment of 130 million yuan, the first phase of investment of 80 million yuan, mainly used to set up non-ferrous metal precision forging, warm forging production line and machining production line, the first phase of the project will be completed in August 2013; The second phase will invest 50 million yuan to prepare for the subsequent expansion of production and operation; after the completion of the company's investment, the annual production output value can exceed 200 million yuan.
The company will adhere to the requirements of “diversified business operations and professionalization of industrial operations” and become a professional manufacturer (forging and finishing) and research and development of various non-ferrous metal alloys (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, etc.). And high-tech enterprises developed in one. During the establishment of the company, the development and production of non-ferrous metal alloy products have been started (temporary use of equipment for the original forging and machining workshops). The company will adhere to the corporate tenet of “Contract-honoring, Promise-keeping, Quality First” of Yuejin Holding Group.
The company's staff will be mainly composed of young and middle-aged employees, including those with many years of experience in foreign and private enterprise management as the core leadership of the company; those who have employed domestic large and medium-sized enterprises and have many years of experience in non-ferrous metal alloy processing and production The company's chief engineer; the company will completely break the traditional private enterprise employment model and the family (employee) cronyism employment mechanism, adopting the "Pinger, the mediocrity, the ability" system, allowing the company to continuously inject fresh Passionate and energetic blood, along the established corporate development plan and development vision. The company will be equipped with advanced production equipment and quality testing equipment, using international quality management system, and become a high-tech, high-value-added product based on high-tech and new materials, in addition to standard products. The company will also carefully develop customized products for customers to meet the different needs of customers.
The company's employees will be committed to providing customers with excellent quality products and services. We believe that Yuejin Nonferrous Metals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will surely win the market and win with customers in the near future. future!
Note: Our company will be officially put into production in September 2013. At that time, friends from all walks of life and new and old customers are welcome to visit and guide.
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